And away we go!

After marathon ikea shopping, some craigslist adventures, and the delivery of two very happy toddlers, we are on the ground and running in chez Regnier, Cambridge edition. School doesn’t officially start until the middle of next week, but until I have real information to share here are some quick impressions.

-Two semesters is no time at all… I’m having to craft my entire year at one go.
-Everybody I’ve talked to so far in my program (M.DesS) has some skill or knowledge that I wished I had. I’m hoping that the format of the program is such that things will end up very collaborative, as I’m planning on picking a lot of brains.
-Harvard spends a lot of money on entertainment – oodles of lectures, mixing events, symposia, etc. It’s kind of continuous architectural feast that moves so quickly there’s no time for toe dipping – you have to just jump in.

On the non-school side, our neighborhood is beautiful and chock-full of children, parks, trees, and charm. Apparently we fell into the middle of the Park Slope of Boston. People here seem much more likely to do their own gardening and child rearing here than in LA (good), but are somehow even preachier about their chosen methods for Saving The Planet (when we arrived I parked in front of a Swedish vehicle with a bumper sticker that read “I’d Rather Be Organic Gardening”).

More about all of this the next time I come up for air.

And away we go!